Everyone says they’re the best in the market, everyone says they’re the cheapest.  But it’s not everyone who backs this up.

There are a few competitors in this market and we would agree they all provide similar products until you look more closely.

Different companies use different pricing structures to pay for the product and subscription bundle.  (A subscription is required to cover the costs of the mobile data that’s needed to pass navigational information from the device to the app.)  To that end, you must look at the total costs incurred (in this case for 1 year).

Based on this you can see UBEEQUEE comes in comfortably more affordable than any other supplier (especially Vodafone and Weenect).

Arguably Tractive comes closest to our offer.   But this is only using their base rate which has two problems.  Firstly, it’s not a like for like offer.  On their standard subscription Tractive does not include device sharing.  If you want to share your tracker with a 3rd party (friends, family , dog walker / carer etc) you will actually have to pay the premium rate (£4.58 per month bringing the annual total to £99.95).  Secondly it only offers one country (not pan European tracking) on the basic rate.

How do we manage this?  Because we focus on our costs – we spend nothing that doesn’t add value to our customers.  No company cars, no corporate shindigs.  And we focus on everything that provides an equal or better service than our competitors.


If you can find a similar GPS tracker with shareable app at a lower price we promise to beat it (does not include promotional pricing).  Can we be clearer?