Your tracker is on its way…

So, you’ve placed your order and you’re already on track – literally.  Once we receive the order we will do the following:

  • Set up the sim card and check connectivity
  • Set up your app account using your order email address and delivery post code as password (lower case no spaces).
  • Check the device is pairing

(It’s worth remarking that our competitors leave all this to you, which can be a little, erm, frustrating.)

After checking your tracker is working we switch it off to ensure it doesn’t arrive with a flat battery so sadly you can’t track it in transit.

It arrives!

First things first, unpack the box and get the device on charge (see the importance of fully charging here).

Remove the user manual.  It is important.  Apart from containing useful guidance it also has the unique number of your device.  It is on the device itself but this is subject to wear and tear.  And you will need that number if you want to share the app (about which more later).

Now open the app.  Make sure you give all the appropriate permissions (location / notifications).

If you want update the password. (iOS top right hand menu / Android top left).

Once the device is fully charged (when the LED light goes steady) switch it on by holding down the button for approx 3 seconds.   Then be a little patient and after about 10 minutes press the locate button on the app.  (Note:  you can speed up the process by putting the tracker near the window).

GPS is outdoor tech and does not generally work indoors (unless near a window).  It is best to go and experiment with the device outdoors to see the full range of GPS usage.  If you are indoors you will generally pick up Wifi and this may not be yours (it uses Google networks to ascertain location).  If it uses LBS the position will be very inaccurate (we toggle this off on despatch but sometimes it resets if the battery is very low).  So if you get a wildly inaccurate positon do not panic.  You can toggle off LBS in settings (Location Based Services).  Above all, go outside!

Set up a fence

Click on the fence icon.  Pinpoint the exact location of your home and give the fence a name (e.g. Home) and save.  Note you can toggle the fence on and off.  You can also delete the fence by sliding left.

You can have up to 3 fences at any one time.

Sharing the device

If a friend or family member wants to track the device, they will have to download the app.  In order to track your device they will need to manually enter the unique number or scan the number from the device, providing it’s still readable.

You will then receive a request to give this person permission to see the device.  Once this is done they have full access to the data.

Common questions

Why no GPS?  Generally the device will attach itself to wifi when indoors (GPS doesn’t travel through walls well – for more information read here).

It says my device is offline?  If the battery has completely run down in the post it may need rebooting.  Once the device has recharged press the power button until you get a trill like noise (some devices do not have this).  You should then be able to regain connection.

Any other questions?

If you need any help at all please visit our help centre  or  contact us at