Who and what can you track?

You should only track people with their permission with the exception of your children. We would hope this aspect of GPS trackers and the law is obvious to most people.

This means that there may be occasions when other people, in loco parentis (such as teachers or scout leaders etc), may argue the right to use a child tracker but it would still be good practice to gain permission in advance, while stating clear boundaries on when tracking is required and appropriate.

As an employer, for example, safeguarding vulnerable remote workers such as home help, it may be that you can contractually oblige them to wear trackers but even in this case it is best done on a permission basis.

Practically speaking, except in the case of small children, people need to collaborate with tracking.  They need to keep the tracker charged and they need to ensure they keep the GPS tracker about themselves.  In any case of reluctance, you are not going to get good results without wilful compliance.

Pets & Possessions

Yes, our legal system classifies pets as property.  So while you may think Fluffy to be your best friend, as far as the law is concerned it’s no different from a microwave. There is no reason not to track your dog. And there is no reason not to track someone else’s with their permission. But there can’t be a good reason to track somebody else’s and maybe would be good grounds for a Conspiracy Charge.

The Law

GPS trackers fall under the GDPR legislation. As a school or an employer you should incorporate trackers as part of your policy with clear agreement on who can be tracked, who has access to the data and whether permission is required. Deliberate stalking (i.e. planting trackers without their knowledge) would fall under the Protection of Harassment Act.


Once you (or we) have anchored your device to the app nobody else can do so except with your permission.  GPS trackers literally belong to you and no-one else can add them until you have approved their request.  Rest assured – your tracker is safe with us.