Using UBEEQUEE devices you should have full access to voice applications, provided you have purchased a voice subscription.  You can call the device or monitor what’s going on at the device by listening in.

Alternatively if you have the device you can create SOS alerts and call the SOS numbers by holding down the button.


Add the telephone number of your device to your contacts, giving it a handy and easily recognisable name. If you call this number the device will ring – one click will open the call.

Go to settings:

Select SOS Number and add up to 3 phone numbers

If you select multiple numbers, when the button is pressed on the device, the device will cycle through all the numbers until one is picked up, starting with the first.

Listening in / Location Monitoring

With this function you can listen in to the area surrounding the device using the microphone.  The device user will not be aware so be sensitive to privacy issues (you will need to have a good safety reason to do this).

Set up:

Select “Listen In” in settings.

Add your mobile phone number (not the device’s).

When you select “Ok” the device will call your mobile phone.  When you accept the call you are now listening to the microphone on the device.

For more information on voice subscriptions visit our subscriptions page.