With the easing of lockdown restrictions and the reopening of schools you might be feeling excited to return to a sense of normality. However, you and your children might also be feeling anxious about readjusting to pre-lockdown life. Kids have become used to being constantly around their parents, similar to when they were young, so there is a high chance they are going to be worried about being separated from their parents again once nurseries and schools reopen.

With the months of uncertainty ahead, it is no wonder that a study conducted by Action for Children highlighted that 40% of parents are concerned that their children will struggle to return to normal life and will want to stay at home.

tips to help ease separation anxiety

It doesn’t have to be a difficult and daunting transition. Here are some tips to help ease separation anxiety:

Talk to your kids

Speak with your kids about the different places they are likely to go to, and people they are likely to see. Make sure you talk about how much fun they will have and of happy memories you have had with them so that they begin to associate these places and people with happy thoughts. Also, talking about their worries gives you a chance to ease their concerns.

Reintroduce routines

It’s unsurprising that many families will have scrapped their usual routines within lockdown, with later bedtimes, more TV and longer playtimes (or anything that will distract them whilst you try and work). Begin by introducing their normal bed and wake-up times so their body clock can adjust. Next, try and separate from them for short periods so that they can adjust to being away from you. You can leave them with a grandparent or older sibling, or even encourage them to go to the local park with friends. To help your child feel more at ease, you could consider giving them a UBEE Explorer which is a GPS tracking device which connects to your phone via an app. It’s a phone, it’s a tracker and it’s a watch. It’s discreet, practical and easy to use and will allow your little explorer to go out and have fun with the comfort of knowing you are only a call away. It will also give you ease of mind as you can keep an eye out and make sure they aren’t wandering off.

Get them out of the house

During lockdown friendships may have deteriorated, especially for young kids without social media, so encouraging your kids to meet up with friends (in accordance with government guidelines) can be very beneficial for them (and gives you some peace and quiet). As they begin to socialise with others again, they will realise that they have nothing to be afraid of and their separation anxiety will be but a mere memory!