Today, a whopping 48% of households own a pet in the UK. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) there are around 67 million pets in the UK, with dogs and cats taking top position as the most favourable pets to own. It’s safe to say we at UBEEQUEE are not alone in loving these adorable fluffballs. For the 52% who are unsure about getting a pet, we are here to prove to you that it is not as controversial a decision as Brexit. Getting a pet for your kids can be beneficial to them in so many ways, and in this post, I am going to outline just some of the many research backed reasons why your kid needs a fluffy best friend.

why you should get your kids a pet

Builds responsibility

With owning a pet comes great responsibility. You need to walk, train, feed and bathe your dog/cat. But don’t worry, this is something that your child can do. It will teach your child how hard, but rewarding taking care of something is. You could make a deal with them: if they take care of the animal, they can have it!

Increased exercise

Dogs require exercise and it is a great excuse for your kid to get out the house everyday for a walk or runabout. Dogs can keep your kid fit and healthy without your kid even realising it- this is particularly helpful for kids who claim to hate exercise and sport. If you are worried about your kid going off alone with your dog, you can get them a UBEE Junior/Explorer, a GPS tracking device which connects to your phone via an app. It’s a phone, a tracker and a watch all in one.

Improved immune system

Not only do cats and dogs improve physical health, it is proven that they also improve respiratory health. Children who grow up with pets in their house are less likely to suffer from colds and other respiratory infections all because dogs and cats bring in various ‘germs’ and bacteria which are actually beneficial and necessary to building up your child’s immune system. A healthy kid, is a happy kid (especially if they have a dog or cat to play with).

Increased positivity

Studies show that pets improve the moods of children, and decrease the chances of them developing anxiety and depression. For example, US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that “A pet dog can stimulate conversation – an ice-breaking effect that can alleviate social anxiety via a social catalyst effect. Companionship with a pet can alleviate separation anxiety and strengthen attachment.” A companion who alleviates feelings of sadness is surely a welcome companion.

They teach social skills

Some kids are social butterflies, but this is not the case for all. However, studies have proven that owning a pet improves your child’s social skills, making them more likely to make, keep and develop friendships! They also massively improve speech development for young kids. If your child is just beginning to learn to speak, or is a little late to develop speech, owning a pet can help them gain confidence in their speech. By giving out simple commands, your kid will develop a confidence when it comes to speaking, which will only be heightened by the giggles they will have along the way as your dog hands you his paw for the third time in a row despite you asking him to sit.