If you’re looking for a minimally processed, natural food for your dog, cold pressed or raw frozen food could be the perfect option for you!

Scottish-based Wilsons Pet Food have been producing pet food for 160 years, here they tell us more about the benefits of their food.

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed is a type of process which uses low temperatures and in the pet food industry this produces a dry pet food, similar to traditional dry kibble, which can be fed on its own as a complete meal.

What is the difference between traditional kibble and cold pressed?

The most obvious difference is its appearance, everyone will recognise kibble’s round or novelty shapes however cold pressed comes out in a pellet shape. The reason for this is, unlike traditional dry food which is pressed tightly into shape using extrusion processes and high temperatures, the cold pressed process uses minimal processing and lower temperatures to gently press food which is then gently pushed out of a tube making it a softer yet still crunchy texture.

What are the benefits of cold pressed?

This gentle process means that the key nutrients from the ingredients are retained rather than cooked away ensuring your dog receives the benefits. Cold pressed food breaks down much quicker in your dog’s stomach than traditional kibble, preventing bloating for better digestion and promoting all-round health.

Also, as each pellet holds more nutrients, you will feed around a third less than traditional kibble meaning your bag lasts a little longer!

What is raw frozen dog food?

Raw frozen food is natural, unprocessed meat, offal and bone which at Wilsons comes as raw minced meat, similar in texture to burgers and meatballs. Raw frozen dog food arrives fully frozen for you to store in your freezer before defrosting in the fridge overnight and feeding. Here at Wilsons we have two versions – our Premium range which has a 70|10|10|10 mix of meat, offal, bone and vegetables making it a nutritionally complete meal, and our Core range which has an 80|10|10 mix of meat, offal and bone which is perfect for the experienced or DIY raw feeder.

What are the benefits of raw frozen dog food?

Raw food is as minimally processed and natural as wet dog food can get. Our raw dog food manufacturing uses locally sourced ingredients and includes no heating, bulking or complicated processes which can destroy all of the goodness and benefits.

With the right amount of protein and fat with no fillers or preservatives, digestion is quicker and easier. Moreover, raw fed dogs tend to have healthier weight, better skin, breath, and reduced shedding.

Should I choose cold pressed or raw frozen?

It’s completely down to preference as to which you choose to feed your dog, but the great benefit for both is that they complement each other as they break down at the same rate meaning you can even feed both in the same bowl!

If you’re a raw feeder, cold pressed is a great option for when you’re on holiday, travelling or as a back up with limited freezer space. If you usually feed dry food for fuss-free feeding, cold pressed is a great way of feeding a complete meal, but why not grab yourself a few boxes of raw frozen for the freezer to feed on occasion.

Why choose Wilsons cold pressed and raw frozen?

We produce our dog food right here in the UK in our purpose-built factories in Scotland using quality ingredients to help improve your dog’s skin, coat and immune system. We have a variety of delicious cold pressed flavours in Premium or Working Dog ranges, along with our Core and a menu of recipes for Premium Raw including Beef Hot Pot, Chicken Casserole and more, with grain free and single source protein options available.

All our food is packaged in eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable packaging to ensure that we’re doing our bit to help minimise our impact on the environment.
You can find Wilsons stocked in pet shops and companies across the UK and on our own website www.wilsonspetfood.co.uk with free delivery over £30.