The key to good tracker performance is keeping the battery topped up and healthy. This video shows you three top tips for maintaining good battery health.

Video transcript:

Battery Management

1. Keep it topped up: For best performance, don’t let the battery drop below 10%. The app will give you a prompt at 10%.

2. Don’t overcharge: We’d recommend 2 hours of charging at a time. Never leave to charge overnight as this will damage the battery over time.

Whilst charging the device light will flash; when the light turns to steady it is fully charged.

3. Location Update Schedule: Help preserve battery life by adjusting how often the tracker checks in.

Set to ‘Normal’ to update every 10 minutes – approx. 48 hours battery life

Set to ‘Power Saving’ to update every hour – approx. 72 hours battery life

Set to ‘Tracking’* to update every minute – approx. 6 hours battery life

*Not all models feature 1 minute option.

Manually ovverride the schedule at any time by pressing Locate.

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