You’ve charged your tracker, popped it on Tiddle’s collar and set the location update schedule to every ten minutes before unleashing him into the wilds of your back garden. For the first 20 minutes, everything is fine. You can see from the UBEEQUEE gps tracking app that Tiddles mooched around your garden for ten minutes then decided to hop next door to look for butterflies. Happy that Tiddles isn’t running off with the circus, you get on with your chores – you update the report you were meant  to hand in yesterday, answer a few emails, take the bins out. It’s now an hour later and the app is still showing Tiddle’s last position as being where he was an hour ago. The time frame hasn’t updated and the battery level is also unchanged.

The tracker has broken!
The app has crashed!

Please don’t panic.

Although this may seem like a technical glitch the reason for this behaviour is actually probably a lot simpler than that – Tiddles hasn’t moved for an hour because he’s asleep under the neighbour’s bush.

You see, our trackers conserve energy when possible to extend battery life. If your tracker is set to a 10 minute location update schedule it will check in with the nearest set of GPS satellites every ten minutes. If that location hasn’t changed, then the tracker doesn’t use up unnecessary power by sending an update to your phone.

When Tiddles decides to wake up, have a stretch and trot back to your garden to see if any fence posts need scratching, then on the next 10 minute scheduled satellite check-in, the location will have changed which will then be relayed to your app, along with a new time stamp and battery level. That’s why there may be a small jump in the battery percentage as you’re receiving 1 hours worth of battery usage rather than 10 minutes.

Of course, if you want to know where Tiddles is without waiting for him to finish his cat-nap then pressing the location button in the app forces the tracker to send you the latest location data regardless of the update schedule. Just be mindful the more often the tracker sends data to your phone, the faster your battery will lose power.

Happy tracking x

Most technical issues are a simple fix with help from our dedicated UK based support team – contact us by email

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