Unfortunately, not all of our customers are fans. Last week, Jasper, the Siamese cat wrote to us with his concerns. Here is our official response.

Dear Jasper,

We were delighted to receive our first letter from a cat. However, that soon changed when we read how distraught you have been since the UBEE Cat GPS tracker came through your post. Obviously, our intention was never for you to feel embarrassed about your whereabouts and who you’ve been with. Our intention was only to keep you safe and your owner satisfied knowing that you aren’t endangered.

As you rightly pointed out, you should be everywhere and anywhere that you want to be and the tracker is not preventing you from doing so. We like to think of ourselves as your guardian angel – we come everywhere with you, but only to keep you safe. The tracker allows your owner to be stress free and relaxed knowing that you are being treated like the king of the suburban jungle that you are by the local students, instead of lost on a motorway miles away from home. You should take it as a huge compliment that your owner cares this much about you that she wants to keep tabs – not everyone’s owner does!

However, we do take this complaint very seriously and are extremely empathetic to the fact you have been missing out on your second dinner. As a result, we would love to send you a year’s supply of yummy treats to keep you going. We hope that this makes up for all the exercise the tracker has made you do. We would be happy to send some to your associates Milo and Tilley too, should they want them.

As for the Cats Privacy Act you drew up, we hope that you do not take further action on this legislation. We want you to roam, explore and manipulate students to your hearts content. This tracker is not stopping you from doing so, it’s merely keeping you safe whilst you do it. I’m sure your owner is comforted to know that you are nearby, rather than a million miles away. Anyway, she loves you for you! Not because of your mileage (or lack thereof).

We hope that this response is satisfactory and would love to work closer with you in the future, so that misunderstandings like this never happen again. We want U to BEE happy.

Best wishes,


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