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Why do you need a subscription for a GPS tracker?

Our trackers use a SIM card to transmit data to your phone. Watch the video to see why.


How to use GeoFence in the UBEEQUEE app

A GeoFence is a virtual ‘safe’ zone, and you’ll get an alert if your tracker leaves it. This video shows you how to create one.


Battery management for Ubeequee GPS trackers

The key to good tracker performance is keeping the battery topped up and healthy. This video shows you how to do just that.

Best multivitamins for cats

Why Do You Need The Best Multivitamins For Cats?

This is the best article for knowing what the best multivitamins are for cats.

UBEEQUEE Dog Grooming Tips – Teeth

Our top tips for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

How your cat communicates with you and what it means

Learn how your cat communicates their feelings to you.

UBEEQUEE Dog Grooming Tips – Nails

How to properly and most importantly, safely, trim your dog’s nails.

A summary of the impacts of Coronavirus on Dementia

Find out the main impacts of coronavirus on dementia as reported by the Alzheimer’s Society.

The 5 most common reasons why your cat is running away from home

5 common reasons why your cat is disappearing off into nature.

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for dogs and dog lovers

Are you struggling with ideas on what to buy the dogs and dog lovers in your life this Christmas? Well have no fear – we’ve got you covered.

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for cats and cat lovers

We thought it was about time we revealed our top present picks for both the cats and cat lovers in your life in our ultimate christmas gift guide.

How to encourage your child to be more independent

We have compiled a small guide on how to help your child become increasingly self-reliant and confident.

Early Onset Dementia

Dementia is thought of as an ‘old persons’ disease, but this does not mean that younger people cannot be affected.

Purchasing a Pandemic Puppy: An Interview

We spoke to Ella who recently bought a puppy whilst they were under Tier 2 restrictions in London in October.

How much exercise does your dog need?

Whilst all dogs must be walked, each dog will have different needs.